October Apple Event

Hi speed,
Can we get what we need?
5G iPhone, A14 power galore
1 more
Thing to ring
In the holiday season
I hope to see a reason
For a homepod mini
We'll get the skinny
On apple headpods
On mini trackers
On apple TV
My wallet fears
a new spending spree

I’m curious to see what Apple roles out this event – There is a pretty large debate as to whether they will focus primarily on the iPhones (and adjacent accessories like the trackers and headphones) or if they will also debut the Apple silicon Macs. I think that having one last event in November is more likely, but I’ll happily be proven wrong.


Other people feel this way 

We struggle in our lives
to center
To seek
To find

Amidst the unknown
When minutes
Flow forever
Fadeout to black
Bleak attack

It can be hard.
So somedays it is okay,
to eat Mcdonalds
on a Friday


When 144 characters
Are the new 2 minute hate

When hope
Seems only to abate

For our future, our Republic
Before it is too late

Seriously, this election is too important to sit out. Go to Vote.org and check out resources to help you get registered. Like VP Biden said last night, “You will determine the outcome of this election. Vote, vote, vote. If you’re able to vote early in your state, vote early. If you’re able to vote in person, vote in person – whatever way is the best way for you. Because he cannot stop you from being able to determine the outcome of this election.”

Good Trouble

Lost in a sea of despair
Without you here is unfair
a nation mourns with grief
beyond belief
for our moral compass
A man who encompassed
Limitless optimism and hope

The son of a sharecropper,
With the soul of a preacher
on a mission to liberate
he felt the call to create
freedom in our state
without prejudice and hate
Increase humanities scope

And when that hate did not abate
he would not be satiated or contented
He would not take a back seat;
he confronted a fleet
of demons set loose
while white hoods tightened their noose
On his brothers and sisters

Standing tall, sailing across
a bridge named for a traitor who lost
Whose descendants beat Lewis
They could not cut through his
Indomitable spirit
His bravery, a light that shined
To a nation in need of redesign

In the struggle for equal rights
for all those in sight
he stood beside King
listening in the wing.
He then spoke
words that demanded to sink in
on the steps before Lincoln

Lewis with a refined gate
sang out a clarion call
equality for one and all
We can not wait
For racism to recede
He would not be defeated
"until Revolution of 1776 is completed.”

“Freedom is not a state; it is an act”
that is a fact
we show gratitude to liberty
by standing with thee
against those who seek
A future most bleak
Without our right to vote

We cannot be quiet,
we need to speak
at this unique moment in time
Bear witness to a crime
when inequality is once again laid bare
we know your memory will be there
A light to guide our way

When our children ask
"What did you do, what did you say"
We’ll reply, we stood on the shoulders
Of what John Lewis achieved
We voted, advocated, legislated and initiated
change; that we were not subtle
and that we got into "good trouble.”

The United States has lost a giant. Rep. John Lewis was a moral compass, someone who spent his entire career fighting for equality and justice. Losing such a clear voice and advocate for democracy and voting rights is heartbreaking.

If you’d like to learn more about Lewis’ life, I’d start with the excellent series of graphic novels that he wrote about his life. I used the second volume in my language arts class a few years ago, and my students were entranced by the story. This clip of him (which is making the rounds on twitter today) accepting an award for the series is incredibly powerful. His love for reading contrasted with his inability to get a library card is heartbreaking.

The poem was inspired by Lewis’ life and this list of quotes compiled from USAtoday. Let us continue to advocate for equality and the right to vote for all of our citizens. Call your senators and the senate majority leader and demand action on the Restore Voting Rights Act. It deserves consideration and to be heard. It deserves to a law.

Public Beta

To Beta, or not to Beta - That is the question:
Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The bugs and glitches of pre-production software
Or to wait patiently for fall general releases
And by stalling better enjoy them. To install, to test-
Evermore— and by test we say to dive into
New features, widgets, scribble by pencil
That iPads, iPhones, and Macs are destined for.
It’s a consumption, to devoutly be wished.
To install, to test-
To test- perhaps to dream of unreleased devices
For in that dream of Apple silicon
Amongst the mountains of Big Sur
Are the possibilities we yearn for.

Apple has released public betas for their major fall releases. I already have it running on my iPad (where I’m writing this post) but I know better than to put it on my iPhone or watch. I write most of my poetry by hand with the logitech crayon, and then type up the handwritten notes. I really couldn’t wait for scribble which promises to really help my work flow. The widgets are fun, but ultimately I know that the real excitement will be when developers release their app updates in the fall. As the summer goes on I’ll update with more impressions, but until then beta at your own peril. 

If you’re interested in installing the betas you can check out thins link on Apple’s beta page. There are also some great beta overviews on Six Colors and MacStories.

Independence Day

The Declaration 
is a promise
not a celebration 
of a perfect nation

The Declaration 
is a commitment
not a receipt 
of past liberation
or a yearly excuse
for exhilaration 

Liberty, an idea
that reverberates
even among times
where it abates

We can do so much more
this 4th of July
While politicians keep score
our Black citizens die
In our streets take action
heed the fallen's cry!

Speak out, speak up
let us lead
a nation filled with sorrow
dreaming of tomorrow

Be not afraid to disobey
privilege and power
to scorch and scour
for a sense of freedom long delayed

A promise
one we struggle to fulfill 
"We hold these truths to be 
self-evident that all
are created equal"

We decide 
the fate of the republic
and with each tick
of the clock
we decide the character
of the nation
where we reside

The 4th of July should not be a celebration of liberty achieved, but rather a reminder of the obstacles that we have still to overcome. Ibram Kendi makes a fantastic argument in his piece “What to an American is the 4th of July” examining the the role power plays in achieving freedom. I’d also recommend re-reading Frederick Douglass’ classic speech “What to the slave is the 4th of July.” As a society we can not claim to celebrate freedom for all if there is not freedom for every citizen.

Smart Glasses

Maybe you imagine
that smart glasses
will be the answer to all your questions
you will be sanguine
amongst the disconnected masses
until after several disconnections
you curse the six hundred dollars spent
and wonder where the future went

Google bought smart glasses company North and announced that they would be winding down their support for North’s focal smart glasses over the next year. the CEO of Sonos has made a point of arguing that it is near impossible for small tech companies to survive and play in the market and this is another nail in the coffin for competition. Perhaps google will find a way to make an interesting set of glasses; but after seeing google glass and the decline of the Pixel, it is hard to have confidence in the google hardware team.

Included Charger

Include a charger
For rampant consumer needs
Throw it in a drawer
Leave it in the box
Who weeps while the planet bleeds?

I thought this piece from Dieter Bohn on the Verge was spot on. I spend a couple of days preparing to move just going through endless drawers of wires and old connectors. I have somewhere to the tune of 20 usb chargers, not including usb hubs and power strips that have additional USB ports built in. Most were from old iPhones and iPads, but some were novelty. (One even had my college logo on it)

If Apple decides not to include chargers, I think that’s a step in the right direction. E-waste is something that we’ll have think about more in the future.

WWDC 2020

Time once again for Apple to announce
new software, transitions,
the consumers will pounce!
We waited abated for Tim Cook to speak
on the state of the platforms
For Federighi, his dad jokes, a little bit weak

First up; IOS 14
with widgets, app trays,
giving the home screen a much needed sheen
iPadOS, another innovation
with Scribble to turn notes to text
Sidebars! And minimized notification

WatchOS on your wrist
Now with face sharing
Dancing, Activity is now fitness
Now onto MacOS Big Sur
with new icon and translucent menus
So much information, kind of a blur

One more thing!
A waited for chip transition
Who knows what it will bring
Apple silicon inside
Rosetta 2 and universal app distribution
Intels time to run and hide

Some minor updates to the some of the rest
TVOS with 4K youtube
Setting default email is simply the best
Privacy on the menu with Apple Sign-in
Simple ways to see whose tracking you
Whew! With that we’re through

A lot of new content coming to the collected Apple systems. If you missed the keynote, there are some great recap videos, including this one from the Verge. Also check out the the official Apple recaps for Day 1 and Day 2 of the conference.

I’m incredibly interested in the new arm Macs. I feel that the new design language for MacOS is great and I’m in the market for a new Mac. (I currently use an old mid-2012 MacBook pro – It works fine but no Big Sur.) I primarily use an IOS and IpadOS devices so I think the IOS-ification of the platform is fine.

I hope you enjoyed the poetry recap – more news, tech, and poetry coming your way.


I’m always running toward you,
you’re always running away
In these hallowed moments
I never know what to say

When the morrow meets the sky
This desperate twilight hour
When the cold air whistles
and starts to devour

I catch just a glimpse of you
stars in your eyes
Slowly fading away
an ethereal demise

Where do you go?
My heart desires to know